Clean me up Scotty! Litter Picking App

A lightweight, non-data-collecting way for residents of West Vale Estate in Oldham log grot spots for cleaning

The project

The idea was to create a low cost/no GDPR pin map for targeting community action litter picks.


The pilot map is based around the West Vale estate in Oldham which is currently undergoing a redevelopment project by First Choice Homes Oldham. The project was delivered in time for the Great British Spring Clean 2021 and will be used by volunteers and residents in the West Vale estate.

Why was it needed?

As part of First Choice Homes Oldham’s redevelopment project, residents of West Vale have been engaged in online forums and answering a Place Standard survey of the area. The results of this engagement showed that residents feel the West Vale area suffers from too much litter and flytipping around the estate.

We built this map to let residents log where they spot litter which appears on the map as a red cross.

Community groups, residents and volunteers will then be able to use this map to find the ‘grot spots’ and clean them up, which they can then mark as green.

This project has a number of benefits; firstly, it encourages engagement by residents in their local area, it encourages physical activity for both litter-loggers and the clean-up teams, and it will, in time, increase wellbeing of residents of the estate by creating clean streets and spaces.

First Choice Homes Oldham will continue to monitor answers to the Place Standard survey which will help us understand the impact of this simple project, and allow us to roll it out to more areas in the future.