Digital Advice and Training

Gain confidence in your digital skills so you can pass these on to your community.

Our Mission: Everybody is digitally-confident

We understand how overwhelming tech can be to start with. It’s tricky to know how to begin, and if you are doing the right thing and this, combined with fears around data protection, are a barrier to helping communities make the most of their digital presence.

How we helped Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water

We built a new website and created new content to showcase the aims of the Fire and Water charity, the potential use of the spaces, and the impact it has on the Sowerby Bridge community.

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What we offer

We offer accessible digital advice and training for community-minded organisations. This could be a quick phone call about best-practices; advice on platforms and software to reach a specific goal; or even a week-long digital transformation sprint to really get an in-depth analysis into how your organisation is using tech.

We are also able to provide regular training sessions across particular subjects. Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Using digital in the community,
  • User experience and design,
  • Third-sector specific platforms and software,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Website support,
  • and much more.

Let us know what you’re stuck with and we’ll see what we can do to help.