Digital Pilots & Prototypes

Designing community digital pilots to test and respond to community-identified challenges.

Our Mission: to provide a direct response to an community challenge.

We believe in piloting projects to prove the digital response to the community-identified challenge will work. By running small, easy-to-manage pilots, we can reduce the risk of big, unwieldy ‘white elephants’ that don’t solve the problems it should do.

With smaller pilots, the community will benefit from sustainable, community-tested digital projects that solve an identified challenge. These pilots are then in a good place to pass through to funding application and project stage.

Digital Badges for Community Groups

Creating greater visibility of community participation opportunities through digital badges.

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What we offer

We offer assistance in developing and launching digital pilot projects. This could be from helping you find the right partners to help you get the project off the ground, to user research to clarify the solution that your community wants to see, all the way through building and launching the pilot projects.

Pilots that are successful and have genuine, sustainable solutions for community-identified challenges will be taken forward into funding applications, with our bid writing assistance, in order to expand and roll out the solution across all South Pennines communities.