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Eco-Friendly Hosting

Ensuring our websites are carbon-neutral and run on renewable energy.

By Karys · 10 January 2021

What is Eco Hosting?

Every website needs hosting. It’s the place where all your web files live and are served up to users. This file storage system was traditionally held on servers in huge, unattractive datacentres like this one:

These datacentres require A LOT of energy to run, and it has been estimated to be responsible for 1% of the global electricity demand (more than the energy consumption of some countries).

Ecohosting refers to a hosting provider that runs entirely on renewable energy. There are many companies that offer ecohosting (and many more that don’t!). The Green Web Foundation in The Netherlands was set up with the aim to get the whole of the internet onto ecohosting and reduce the carbon footprint.





Web Hosting - The Facts

Website Carbon have produced research showing the impact that websites have on our environment around. The results are startling...

416.2TWh per year the amount of electricity the internet consumes

20% of the worlds energy could be consumed by the communications energy by 2025

1.76 grams of carbon produced by the average website per year

What can I do?

If you have a website that isn’t currently running on ecohosting, we can help. It’s a fairly simple process to switch hosting providers, and by doing so you can make a small contribution to cleaning up the carbon-debt of the internet.

We’re happy to guide you through the world of hosting providers, and offer recommendations over what would work for you.

The good news is that ecohosting doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. This website is running on which costs us £2.50 per month.