COVID Coping badges

The COVID Coping badges were created to help people feel condident in going back out into the wider community.

The project

The idea was to create some pin badges which people could buy. These badges each show a message to let other people know that how the wearer is feeling.


The badges were created and sold in the village of Marsden, a large village within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees district, in West Yorkshire, England. It is in the South Pennines close to the Peak District which lies to the south.

Why were they needed?

The idea was to let people show how they were feeling going back out into the wider community, after many months of either shielding, distancing, on furlough, working at home or observing the stay at home orders.

It is hoped tht those badges which were sold, will be seen out and baout in the wild, whether in pubs, on trains or even into the community.

We’re really pleased with how the badges came together, and we hope it will help some people feel more confident about getting back out into the world!