Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water

Community, learning and culture in the Calder and Ryburn valleys.

The project

Sowerby Bridge Fire & Water is a vibrant, dynamic cultural space in Sowerby Bridge supporting community growth and learning. It is both a regeneration project, and a cultural hub.


Sowerby Bridge is a market town in the Calder Valley, not too far from Halifax and Hebden Bridge. Fire and Water sits in the centre of the town, making use of an old fire station and an old swimming pool (hence Fire and Water!).

What they needed

We built a new website and created new content to showcase the aims of the Fire and Water charity, the potential use of the spaces, and the impact it has on the Sowerby Bridge community.

We chose the red and blues to flow throughout the website, symbolising the Fire and Water element.

The new website is clear, accessible and easy to navigate, so Fire and Water event attendees can quickly find information about this year’s festival, such as the route and timings, as well as find out more about the history of the Fire and Water charity.

What we did

The original Fire and Water website was over 5 years old, and didn’t fully advertise the impact and aims of the Fire and Water project.

The new website is clear, accessible and easy to navigate, so users that are new to Fire and Water or users that know exactly what they are looking for, can find the content relevant to them.

The website also has a clear What’s On, and Get Involved, section as the purpose of Fire and Water is to involve the whole community.

The website is built using Reason Digital’s Montere design system. This design system is built to be easy for non-technical users design and add content; and very accessible from the front so it’s inclusive to the whole community.

We have been involved with Fire and Water for many years, so the content was created referencing the previous website and our own knowledge.

We’re really pleased with how this website has turned out, and it will really help Fire and Water engage with the local community.