Digital Badges & Sowerby Bridge

Participation Opportunities Made Visible

What are digital badges?

A digital badge is one digital method by which an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest can be recognised.

We’ve been using Badgr as the platform to do digital badge pilots in a number of community network settings including the vibrant West Yorkshire town of Sowerby Bridge.

How have we been using digital badges in Sowerby Bridge?

Pre-pandemic, Sowerby Bridge had a great number of active community groups offering a wide range of participation opportunities ranging from river bank clean-ups to arts and crafts activities. The pandemic has curtailed a lot of this activity but we know how important it is from the UK National Lottery Community Fund’s ‘Bringing people together’ research. It makes a huge difference to people’s sense of wellbeing and belonging.

We had been working with community groups in Sowerby Bridge to make their community participation opportunities more visible through pathways of digital badges. This enabling people in the town to explore not just a single volunteering opportunity but to explore the entire eco-system of participation that the town’s community groups could offer as well as being recognised for their efforts.

The shareable nature of the badges then intended to encourage others in the town to also participate.